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With over 14 years of packaging experience “Premier Concepts Company Limited”

has been providing excellent packaging solutions and innovative designs to our clients. We operate offices in Hong Kong and China, that is why we ensure our products in competitive prices, outstanding designs and good quality.


Premier designs and manufactures a variety of packaging products, We 

velieve innovation and the creation of new designs will be our specialty 

so that customer can establish a real point of difference through packaging.


Our products is produced base on 4 objectives to protect the environment:


1. Less is More

2. Multi - Function

3. Decoration

4. Environmental Friendly


As a responsible manufacturer, we ensures that its operations are 

environmental friendly. We also maintain close ties with the local

community. For instance, it takes part in charitable activities and

offer education sponsorships for the betterment of society.


  • Introduction

  • Goals And Objectivs

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